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Really? During a Heart Attack, Dial 911 and Chew an Aspirin

Because we want you to be around for a bit longer:  “the response [to symptoms of a heart attack] should be the same: Immediately call 911, then chew an aspirin, said Dr. Noel Bairey Merz, director of the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart … Continue reading

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Life, Interrupted: Six Ways to Cope With Cancer

Usually chaplains are one of the few people who do not jin in giving advice to cancer patients. But we share this collection of six  strategies that have helped a 24-year old woman to cope with cancer. Read them at NY Times.

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When the Mango Bites Back

“Despite decades of immunological research and a recent surge of interest in the bacterial garden of the human gut,diarrhea remains the most unpredictable travel-related illness. There is a grim acceptance among Western expatriates and visitors here that they will be felled … Continue reading

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An interfaith conversation in Iraq leads Steve Torgerson to an understanding of the need for grace.

“A retreat at Camp Victory was Saturday morning Bible Study. In addition to the troops attending, was a translator, born and raised in Baghdad.  It was an intimate group so I didn’t fear to inquire, “Waafa, why do Arabs hate the … Continue reading

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When struggling with a major illness, Lynn Coye appreciated most the friends who didn’t try to cheer her up.

“When my dad was in his final months, friends visited him in the long-term care facility and said things like, “I have faith it will all turn out fine,” or “I know you’ll be back on your feet in no … Continue reading

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