When illness brings spiritual suffering

When we or someone we love is sick, injured or in pain we expect some part of our health-care system to help us with our physical pain. But what about the deeper parts of illness and suffering, which are just as important? How do we find meaning and comfort when the very beliefs and values we hold onto are challenged?

Grace was a nurse who was admitted to the hospital experiencing symptoms that she found more annoying than painful. After a work-up, the physician came in with news that changed her world forever: a diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumor. “How can God let this happen to me? I’ve got a husband and children, and I’ve been a faithful Christian all my life. It’s just not fair!”

Religious, spiritual, or cultural needs and resources may be important to us but illness and suffering can make it difficult to draw on those supports. We may have strong spiritual resources or involvement with a faith community that can come to our aid. But many of us have neither of those or have such severe suffering that those resources are not sufficient for the health crisis we are experiencing. So what to do? More @ Washington Post.


About The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson

Ordained to the priesthood in December, 2010.
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