It’s never too late to get a flu shot

It’s never too late to get your flu shot. Those of us who opted for flu vaccine earlier this fall are hopefully already protected, and it looks like this year’s vaccine is a good match for the three types of flu already circulating.

The 2012 vaccine contains three different types of flu strains: 2 Flu A, and 1 Flu B. We’re seeing both types of flu right now in Texas, as is much of the southern United States and the Midwest. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country will see rising flu activity, especially as holiday travel picks up.

For parents who haven’t been immunized yet, I’d put getting a flu shot for yourself and all children in the family over age 6 months at the top of your “to do list.” If you haven’t visited your pediatrician this fall, you may not have been reminded about this. One day last week, my last patient of the day was a 10-year-old boy with classic flu symptoms: sudden onset of fever, chills, cough, scratchy throat and body aches. His mother “thought” she’d been in for his flu shot, but when I checked his chart, it was LAST fall and the time had just escaped her. This oversight is not uncommon when you have healthy children who visit their pediatrician only once a year.

For parents, even if you’ve already had the flu — which can knock you down for 5 to 7 days — get a shot once you’ve recovered. Believe it or not, you could actually contract one of the other strains of flu that will continue through the flu season. MORE.


About The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson

Ordained to the priesthood in December, 2010.
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