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How Mom’s Death Changed My Thinking About End-of-Life Care

ProPublica has co-published with The Washington Post a very good story by Charles Ornstein that described his family’s discussion about withdrawing life support from his Mother. He writes: “”You never need to rush the decision-making,” he told me. “It should … Continue reading

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You Might Be Surprised at How Helpful a Professional Chaplain Can Be, While Not Being ‘Religious’

The  Rev. Dr. Martha R. Jacobs writes: “We are among the few caregivers in the hospital who have the time to sit and listen to the patient and family members. We listen without an agenda and work to support the patient … Continue reading

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How I Made Peace With Death

ARabbi writes: “ver since that night, I have had to believe that whatever room I find myself in, God is in that room with me, and we are all part of God’s Oneness. I cannot prove it. I cannot explain … Continue reading

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Accepting Spiritual Support At The Hospital

From the Huffington Post: “Being asked if I wanted spiritual support during the surgical stay made me feel calm and cared for. This was one of the few times I felt this way on the year and a half journey … Continue reading

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The A.A.P. Has a New Vaccine Schedule. Will You Follow It?

In other words, while the A.A.P., the C.D.C. and the I.O.M. are firm in their stance that following the recommended vaccine schedule is the safest and most effective way to prevent childhood diseases in individuals, one powerful argument in favor … Continue reading

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Living With Cancer: The Good Patient Syndrome

From the NY Times: ” Being a submissive or dutiful patient doesn’t always pay off. Who exactly was I being good for? Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Was I good for nothing? When I was at my most puling … Continue reading

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You Are Going to Die

Segregating the old and the sick enables a fantasy, as baseless as the fantasy of capitalism’s endless expansion, of youth and health as eternal, in which old age can seem to be an inexplicably bad lifestyle choice, like eating junk … Continue reading

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