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Immigrants rely on God, family, home in making end-of-life care decisions

This can pose a challenge to providers of palliative care who must deliver comfort care with sensitivity to seriously ill or dying Filipino patients. “Only God can decide when life ends” is why many seriously ill Filipino immigrant patients and … Continue reading

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‘Don’t just do something, stand there’

When I think about being a caring presence in the life of someone who is sick, suffering or sad, I remind myself that presence is more a state of being than doing. Being a caring presence is about showing up. … Continue reading

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Minorities Unlikely to Choose Hospice Care

Minorities with life-ending diseases are less likely to enter hospice care than whites, but palliative care consultation may be an effective strategy to address this ethnic disparity, new research suggested.  More.

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When There’s No Family

“The presumption is that everyone has someone available, someone most likely younger or in better health, and better able to carry out one’s wishes or make decisions with your guidance,” Cheryl from Westchester commented the last time the subject arose. … Continue reading

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Is This a Hospital or a Hotel?

As the new St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland, Ill., prepared to open in August, its chief executive exulted, “You feel like you could be at the Marriott.” In the $63 million community hospital, patients all enjoy private rooms, with couches, … Continue reading

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Living With Cancer: Feeling Older Than My Age

Several months ago I met a friend for a cup of tea and as we were paying, I caught sight of a stooped old lady across from me: no eyebrows on a pale face framed by thinning hair. A heartbeat … Continue reading

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Palliative Care Key to Dignity at Life’s End for Elders

“[A]lthough many associate palliative care with hospice for the dying, palliative treatment begins well before the terminal months of hospice care and comforts patients physically by controlling their pain and managing their symptoms, as well as spiritually and psychologically while … Continue reading

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