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10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Cancer (and What to Say Instead)

First off, you’re an awesome person. You’re reading this because someone you know is touched by cancer and you want to know how to avoid hackneyed phrases and suggestions which tick them off. As a person who recently finished treatment … Continue reading

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6 Diseases That May Come Back to Haunt Us As Antibiotics Lose Their Power

Diseases we thought were long gone, nothing to worry about, or easy to treat  could come back with a vengeance, according to the recent  World Health Organization report on global antibiotic resistance. Concern about this serious threat to public health has been … Continue reading

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Tips on Healthy Living: Conquering Jet Lag… with an App?

Travel is one of life’s great experiences, but the accompanying jet lag is not. We all know the drill: desperately trying to sleep on the plane with a stiff neck pillow, unsatisfying naps, and lots ofmelatonin. But nothing ever really … Continue reading

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The final taboo: few Britons know loved ones’ dying wishes

“The poll found only 21 per cent of Britons have discussed their end-of-life wishes with somebody. Four-fifths of the public believe people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing death, and only a third of Britons have written a will. Just 29 … Continue reading

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Antibiotic Resistance Is Now Rife across the Entire Globe.

A first-ever World Health Organization assessment of the growing problem calls for rapid changes to avoid the misery and deaths of a potential “post-antibiotic era”   “A post antibiotic-era—in which common infections and minor injuries can kill—far from being an … Continue reading

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Arthritis Research Looks to Unlock Secrets of Heart Disease and Depression.

Better insights into this ancient condition, with uncontrolled inflammation at its core, might reveal information about a host of other illnesses. See Scientific American Reader

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Lifesaving Procedure With an Image Problem

“Many in need of healthy bone marrow die before a good match can be found. Ms. Haber thinks if the language changed, far more people from diverse ethnic and racial groups might be willing to join a bone marrow donation … Continue reading

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World facing polio health emergency

The World Health Organization has declared the spread of polio is an international public health emergency. Outbreaks in Asia, Africa and Middle East are an “extraordinary event” needing a co-ordinated “international response”, the agency says. It recommends citizens of affected … Continue reading

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Infusions of young blood may reverse effects of ageing, studies suggest

Researchers in the US are closing in on a therapy that could reverse harmful ageing processes in the brain, muscles, heart and other organs. Hopes have been raised by three separate reports released by major journals on Sunday that demonstrate in experiments … Continue reading

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