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Where clergy need to tread: Helping make end-of-life medical choices

(RNS) What are the most difficult and painful questions rabbis, priests, pastors or imams face at the bedside of a dying member? Surprise: It’s not abstract theological or metaphysical queries. Rather, THE questions, usually asked in a hospital room, go like … Continue reading

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Access to palliative care in US hospitals still not universal

Despite rapid expansion in hospital palliative care programs in the U.S., access to these programs nationwide varies across geographic regions and depends on factors such as hospital size and tax status, according to a new study published inJournal of Palliative … Continue reading

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Chaplain Gary Blaine: The challenge of fear

As a hospital chaplain, I often encounter anxiety and fear. They are both realities for human beings but they are significantly different. Anxiety is the general and often subtle feeling that things are not quite right, our future is uncertain, … Continue reading

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Report: Hospital chaplains embracing telemedicine

Here’s a new application of telemedicine: chaplain services both in and outside of hospitals. It’s a symptom of the move away from inpatient care, health systems’ desire to save money and a continued need for spiritual support even among those who … Continue reading

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Uncommon signs of breast cancer

CLEVELAND —Most women know that a lump may be a sign of breast cancer. But there are lesser known signs of the disease to be watching for. Normal versus abnormal breast pain It’s common for women to experience general breast … Continue reading

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All-volunteer chaplaincy program essential to well-being of Medical Center of Houston’s patients

“Our chaplains play a vital role in the patient care experience here at the Medical Center of Houston. I’ll say that anytime, on or off the record,” Melissa Phagan said. Phagan is director of volunteer services at the Medical Center … Continue reading

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Hospital Chaplain Says, Stop Seeing Yourself As A Disease

“Get down off your cross.” Harsh words, perhaps, especially when you consider that the one who said them is a longtime hospital chaplain, and the woman she was speaking to had just learned that a year after going through chemotherapy, … Continue reading

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