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A single-payer system, like Medicare, is the cure for America’s ailing healthcare” Bernie Sanders

“Healthcare is a right and we must ensure provision of that right for Americans. A single-payer system will be good for the average American, good for businesses, good for workers and good for our overall economy.” More.

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Reading the River Styx: Observations on Cancer, Life, Death and Treatment

A colleague writes: “On the one hand things are going well, in that the treatments haven’t killed me, but are apparently stomping out the cancer cells. Over 35 radiation doses I will receive 70 Grey of radiation, which is at … Continue reading

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NPR: Rule Change Could Push Hospitals To Tell Patients About Nursing Home Quality

“…[H]ospitals’ tight-lipped approach to sharing quality information may soon be changed. The Obama administration is rewriting those rules, not just for patients going to nursing homes but also those headed home or to another type of health facility.” More.

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