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Work stress? At some companies you can pray with a chaplain

From the charlotte observer: “When the Movement Mortgage office chaplain stops by Felicia Powers’ desk, she doesn’t have to worry that the conversation will be about work. Instead, chaplain Maureen Palmer, who goes by Moe, may ask Powers how her day … Continue reading

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CT Police departments expand role of chaplains

“DANBURY – Whether assisting first responders when they need it most, or helping to build bridges with the community, the role of police chaplains has grown increasingly important. Seeing the value that chaplains can provide, the Redding Police Department last week … Continue reading

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The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life

”The sweet spot for exercise benefits, however, came among those who tripled the recommended level of exercise, working out moderately, mostly by walking, for 450 minutes per week, or a little more than an hour per day. Those people were … Continue reading

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Grief Is Hardcore This Time Of Year

  ”The holiday season is often a time of self-reflection and starting over; however, when you are grieving someone there is no respite. And with grief there no finish line. The loss is always present. Grief is hardcore. In other … Continue reading

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How Faith Communities And Hospitals Can Work Together To Help Older Adults

Howard Gleckman writes for Forbes: “Older adults with chronic illness often need a combination of medical treatment and social and spiritual supports. Together, they can make people healthier and happier, and less likely to suffer acute episodes that result in preventable … Continue reading

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Help for Hospice Staff: Meaningful Rituals

Rituals are symbolic activities that can provide comfort, meaning, and support and relieve anxiety associated with uncertainties, such as those faced at the end of life. Rituals offer opportunities for shared experiences and can be an important part of the … Continue reading

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No Doctor Should Work 30 Straight Hours Without Sleep

“When Larry Schlachter was a 31-year-old neurosurgeon, he was driving to the hospital early one morning and “just blacked out.” He crashed his car and crushed his chest; broken ribs punctured his thorax, which filled with air and blood. “I … Continue reading

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Quality of life focus of hospice care

Katrina Goforth writes: ” Home health care and hospice care are things that few people think of until they become a necessity. But the nurses, chaplain, doctor, aids, social workers and volunteers at Jackson County Memorial Hospital or JCMH Home Care … Continue reading

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Ghost Ship fire from the eyes of an ever-present chaplain

“When the second alarm buzzed his cell phone at 11:31 p.m. Friday, the Rev. Jayson Landeza got out of his bedclothes and into his “turnout” in the rectory of St. Benedict in East Oakland. By the time he’d driven his black … Continue reading

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For proper end-of-life care, medical professionals need to be religiously literate

RNS reports: ” (RNS) Talking about death is an emotionally fraught and daunting topic, and we applaud the growing number of congregations that are giving their members tools and resources to have such conversations with their families and loved ones … Continue reading

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