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New Medical Worry: Deadly Fungal Infection That Resists Treatment.

NPR Reports: “You’ve probably heard of antibiotic resistance — germs that can resist the drugs designed to wipe them out. Now there’s a new kind of resistance to worry about — fungal infections that are resistant to treatment. The fungal infection in … Continue reading

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How burnt toast and roast potatoes became linked to cancer

“This week, the UK’s Food Standard Agency became the latest regulator to draw consumers’ attention to the issue with its Go for Gold campaign that urges the public to avoid singeing their toast or leaving roast potatoes to char in … Continue reading

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Can you sidestep Alzheimer’s disease?

From the Harvard Medical School:   Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by progressive damage to nerve cells and their connections. The result is devastating and includes memory loss, impaired thinking, difficulties with verbal communication, and even personality changes. A person with … Continue reading

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The Power of Will

From The Boston Globe.

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Savings, Longevity and the Year in Fitness

The NY Times reports: “Two numbers are, to me, particularly emblematic of what science had to tell us about fitness this year. The first is 42 percent and represents the extent by which people’s risk for premature death rises if they … Continue reading

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Stanford launches digital health center to connect faculty with tech companies

The Stanford University School of Medicine today announced the launch of a center to support collaborations between Stanford faculty and Silicon Valley technology companies to develop, test and implement new digital health tools. The Center for Digital Health aims to … Continue reading

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Why Older Couch Potatoes Might Want to Radically Rethink Their Lifestyles

Sitting around on your keister all day is no way to live, and it’s been proven that a sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for all kinds of nasty health problems, even premature death in some cases. Now, Canadian … Continue reading

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‘Delirium’ caused by busy hospitals can trigger dementia in older patients

The Telegram (UK) reports: “Noisy and chaotic hospitals are triggering and accelerating dementia in elderly patients, new research reveals. Multiple transfers from ward to ward, staff coming on and off shift and confusing signage contribute to a state of “delirium” which … Continue reading

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Dreaded ‘stomach flu’ wreaks havoc on families — and it’s only going to get worse

The WashingtonPost reports: ” Once the virus hits, the attacks are often swift and brutal. The stomach and intestines become inflamed. Bouts of vomiting and diarrhea follow that leave victims weak and exhausted. And since the bug is extremely contagious, … Continue reading

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On being a Hospice Jedi

My colleague and friend Elizabeth Kaeton writes: “Everything I needed to know about being a Hospice Jedi, I learned from Yoda in Star Wars” It’s true: read her post here at her blog Telling Secrets.

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